wanta see something pretty cute?

it's time for me to introduce you to tidbit.
my and leslie's little, hopeful, little girl's clothing and home "treats" company.
by "hopeful" i mean, "hopefully, we will become a big-girl company someday, but for now we are content doing a few boutiques a year"
that kind of hopeful.

we love the tidbits that we cook up.
maybe you will too.

if you are in the OC area this weekend, we will be vendors at two boutiques!
to find out where,
 click here
come and see us!!!!

and if you are not in the area, we don't have our etsy store set up....yet.
but we will soon, "hopefully"...
if you are just gonna fall over dead from needing one of the things you see here, just email me (my  email address is on my blogger profile, so scroll down and click on "more about me") and we will work something out.....
but, otherwise keep your eyes open for our future etsy store.


  1. OOh I love your designs, the wreaths are great! and I'd love to have the birdie dress for my daughter so cute!

  2. I heart the wreaths....they are so colorful and cute!!!!

  3. Who do I make the million dollar check out to?
    Don't bother with the boutiques. I want everything for myself.

    Can't wait to see it with my own eyeballs!!!

    You two are phenomenal!!!!

  4. umm amazing!! wish Fresno was closer to so cal I would totally come!!

  5. amazingness.

    i might fall over dead for the wreaths.

    etsy, soon please!!

  6. you two are going to be wildly successful! your stuff is fantastic. and i heart them name, too.

  7. I love it all!
    I want all the wreaths...drool...

  8. oh wow!
    i want to live in your shop!
    it is all adorable.
    really really cute!

  9. You're my hero.

    I heart Debbie Downer.

    I love that tulle/yellow bird dress.

    Good night.

  10. Ok girls Im inquiring about the prices for the following:
    The furry ric rac blankets(bday gifts for the girls)
    The book page wreath
    A customized pennant banner
    I know I could do any of these on my own if I wanted but I dont have the time, I love you girls and want to support you.
    Send me prices!