i am grateful for....

"blankies and ugg boots on a chilly morning" (day 8)
jake stayed home from school today.
he has a cough.
we watched toy story 3 and ate apples.

ps. i was gonna do a separate post on this, but it seems dumb since this is so simple.
when i went into trader joes they had this salad for a sample yesterday.
it was the bag of broccoli slaw(have you seen that?) and a half cup of golden raisins and half a bottle of sesame ginger vinaigrette all mixed up.
my kids were licking their plates!!!!!
you know how i am a sucker for any kind of veggie trickiness i can find.
i got the stuff and made it at home and YUMMMMY.
it is so sour and sweet and a tiny bit spicy.
perfect snack.
or lunch.
and my friend Jen was just talking the other night about how hard it is for us mommies to think of healthy stuff to shove into your mouth, on the go, instead of stuff that goes into the kids lunches.
Jen, you should try this.
i am eating it right now.


  1. LOL veggie trickiness...you always have a funny way of saying things....sometime I sneak baby food into my meals...like jars of carrots and green beans in spaghetti sauce...its tough to sell veggies...at least fruit is sweet and juicy...I feel ya!!

  2. how sweet, those kiddos of yours.
    Have you seen Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook "Deceptively Delicious"? You'd love it if you like to sneak veggies into foods. She sneaks sweet potatoes into pancakes and all sorts of yummy/clever ways to feed her kiddos healthy.