blah blah blah and a rad online magazine....

here are some random thoughts going on in my head today
our tidbit boutiques were so great!
it was amazing to hang out with my favorite red head and be a super-team.
i was happy to get out there with our creations and do something besides mommying and running our house for a few short half days.

it's nice to change it up a bit and get out of the norm.

my house has seen better days.
my reedo will agree.
there was at least a few weeks of neglect.
and by neglect, i mean i just did the minimum for all my tasks and it built and built until today i just wanted to jump out of my skin.
or run away.
are you understanding what i mean here?
well, i must say i kicked some serious mess booty and my house is looking a lot better after my hours of straightening and throwing stuff away.
 because of my critical look around my space today, i just want to send an email to all our friends and family BEGGING THEM not to get my kids a buncha toys this Christmas!
isn't that horrible?!
i just don't think i can take one more thing to clean up.
i have a question for you ladies out there who have and are raising girls.
i am out of my league here, people!
my precious sweet ella, who has been an amazing sleeper, who had always seemed to go with the group
is now a monster.
a really pretty monster....who i want to hug and kiss.
i am telling you, one small thing can tick her off and she is out of control.
on the ground.
won't let me touch her.
covering her face with the back of her hand.
it is like a sally field movie.
what am i gonna do?
sometimes i think she is going to hurt herself with all the flailing and stomping and flinging.
please tell me what to do.
and finally,
 i followed the yellow brick road (what i somtimes called the crazy blogging path to fabulous)
and i found this special snazzy online magazine.
it was linked on Heather's blog.
why is she so flippin great?
it's called
gifted magazine
there is so much beauty, i have to be careful not to overload and get angry, ya know?
is that crazy?
"no! no! no!" in place of "ho! ho! ho!"
oh wow.
 i'm on a roll.
so find your happy place.
then, what i recommend is making yourself a cup of marshmallow milk (chocolate or plain) and sitting by the fire tonight and reading this little inspirational magazine.


  1. I only have boys so I cant help you the pretty girl...but Im a teacher and girls always want their mommys attention...Im sure its a phase and it will pass....But wait a minute....did you guys do a trunk show? Are you in a store...I live in southern cali and I love your stuff...:)

  2. I've got two girls (and two boys) and I can tell you that both girls have had their fair share of monster days!! Boring cuddles work wonders (http://www.paisleyjade.com/2010/06/heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp.html)... and a paper bag for your own head when in public.

  3. tracking with you :) done nothing but clean and cough for 2 days straight. i just polished all my stainless appliances while my tea boiled. cute words today. and btw, you called me a read head.

  4. that magazine blew my mind, too. i plan on sitting on the couch for the entire time my girl naps so i can look through it again while i sip on my hot cup of coffee. p.s. if you look at the mag in full screen then when you click on some of the images it will take you to other sites. genius!

    your shop space looks rad! you guys did a really fantastic job putting it all together. it really looks like you guys created a store underneath that little tent. i love that!

  5. Loved the Tidbit Boutique & I LOVE my new Read Wreath!!! Thank you soooo much! I wish I had more $$$ & girls to fit into your dresses. I can't wait to see more of your creations!!
    ps- did you get my email about next week? Does one of those days work for you?? LOve ya!

  6. I'm excited to check out the mag, and congrats on kicking all that mess in the butt!!

    No help on the girlie bit, we're not there yet. Natalie has a lot more boy in her, and her girly side only comes out in her three million changes of clothes a day, and her pickiness on what to eat. We haven't experienced the tantrumes YET. Good luck sweetie!!

  7. I am in total agreement on the toy thing - my kids have SO much and don't need anymore! I'm thinking IF anyone even asks my opinion, to tell them "art supplies" - can be used and then is GONE! :o)Amanda

  8. You and your blog are darling! I want to visit your booth :)

  9. For Christmas and birthdays, we have a one thing in/one thing out rule. It helps.
    It sounds like E is doing what Lily used to do - remember she would freak out and you'd take her and distract her and speak softly to her when I just couldn't? girls are drama.

  10. ooohhh, loveliness!!! and how did you ever find the time??? I dream of boutiques but can't get my but in gear enough to ever put one together :) and my house looks like a wreck on average as it is!! LOL. Love the bird alexander henry yellow bird dress! I made curtains for the twins room out of that same fabric. I'm really in love with it!

    So far, my boys are SO much more dramatic than my one and only girl and I am cringing if that's about to change...eeee yi yi yi