three.....it's a magic number.

this is what it looks like for my babygirl to turn three.

i have to add a few things.
don't i look so happy NOT to be giving birth up there?
yay for me.
also, tiny ty was the THE happiest person and the most excited about ella's birthday.
what a treasure.
finally, the last few minutes of ellas birthday were spent in her room listening to a cd made by leslie.
she made her a princess/peter pan mix of songs.
it was the best thing in the world, to her.
she was thrilled and danced and sang EVERY song.
we even had some assistance from our own handsome prince, when ty joined her to dance to "once upon a dream".
they held both each others hands and twirled around the room singing.
it was one of those moments.
i wanted to frame it.
thanks, les.


  1. these pics are amazing....pure bliss...

  2. great montage for her birthday, I almost feel as if I were there!

  3. those gloves are hilarious. why do they make those? tink never wore gloves. it's all about princess marketing. did she actually want to put them on? best part about the peter pan cd is that i can make you another one next month when that one gets ruined.