here's the situation...

i am having trouble with my computer.
i have too many pictures on it and now we have NO MORE room left to download the restof the Oregon trip.
oh man.
i am a selfish little mother.
taking up all that computer room.

so, reedo is gonna get us an external hard drive (or some such nonsense) and then i will go...to...town.

but for now, i am slowed down a bit, in the picture department.

what i can show you is my progress on my 365 project.
you've seen most of them.
and there are 6 waiting to be edited that cannot be uploaded onto my dumb precious computer.
but here's what i got so far.
i really do know i have so much to be thankful for, even if my computer is on the naughty list...
21 pictures.
more to come.

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