lets just take a step back in time.
about one month ago, this is what was happening....
sleds and snow,
sunshine and snowball fights...
the laviks and smiles,
the laxsons and wrestling...
shovels and kisses,
snow angels and aunts grace....
eating snow and warming hands in daddy's shirt,
dog piling and laughing....
family pictures,
one with out me....
and one with....
ahhh, memories.
what fun we had!


  1. looks like so much fun! great pictures, lots of memories there....bet you were happy to finally get to see these : ) !
    how come whenever i try to put pictures side-by-side like you did it never works? wonder if it's your template? that's what i have been trying to do for a while now. no one would call me a computer whiz though... ;)

  2. oh what fun!!! Pictures like these make me miss snow! I wish it would snow this year! It does every 60 years or so down here :)