hellooooooo friends!

no time to talk tonight!
i am off to a viewing of the polar express and my boy's school...
guess what?
my genius brother in law fixed my computer problems.
that means i wasted WAY TO MUCH time editing away this afternoon.
i will leave you with a few from ella's AMAZING birthday trip to disneyland, where she allowed me to take a million pictures of her at the gibson girl!
i know, i know!
i am so lucky!
i am so so glad to be back!

believe me when i say...
there are MORE where that came from!
i REALLLLLY need a real photo editor, huh?
i do everything on picnik still!
it takes for. ever.
oh wow. another thing for me to whine about.
so, never mind.
i am so glad to have picnik and be back to posting my happiness.

ps besides being able to fix computers, ella's uncle shane and his sweet wife, aunt jen, graced ella with that lovely cinderella gown!
she is so blessed!
a little princess!


  1. Your pictures are awesome, I can't believe you only use picknic. I can't make any of my pictures look good! I have a lot to learn! So glad you will be blogging again. I have missed your posts!! :)

  2. wahooo! shauna reed is in the house! : D missed your regular updates and pictures and so glad you are back among the living. miss ella is just so adorable in that dress!

  3. your pictures capture your day so beautifully.

  4. What gorgeous pictures! I am amazed also that you only used Picnik. I am hoping Santa will bring me Lightroom so I can do more with my pictures too. Love that last picture taken from above. So sweet!

    Looking forward to following along your photography journey. :)