an update on the santa situation....

well, let me just start by saying that it has been so dark and rainy here that i am struggling with finding inspiration for pictures...no good lighting.
but, my hope is, that the sun will be coming out tomorrow and i will take tons of pictures of my jake who just lost one of his two front teeth!
i cannot wait!
and i also can't wait for my christmas present this year.
i had a sad incident a few days ago, where i opened my own gift since it was shipped to my door and i did not look at who the label was addressed to!
so so sad......but also happy! since it was a NEW AWESOME LENS for my camera!
yeah me!
sorry honey....but not that sorry, since the sorry is drown out by christmas morning delight!

so, i just wanted to fill you in on my continuing thoughts on the silly stuff at christmas vs. the real stuff.
i am calming down.
i mean, i don't take any of it back.
but, i have had some really good conversations with my 7 year old in the last few days that are encouraging to me.
they have reminded me that he IS getting the real story at home and is even sometimes more concerned than i am that "we don't forget what christmas really is" .
i think that last week at school with all the parties and programs just gets a little out of hand, and i start to feel like i don't have a say in his life, since it is so overtaken my all that crazed holiday party commotion.
and then we get home, and settle down, and the parties are over, and i remember.
we're ok.
my kids know the truth.
we have been doing our advent that i have been pairing with the tree of jesse readings since December 1st.
we talk about the real deal all through our weeks.
they are not forgetting.
deep breaths.
do you need  to take deep breaths too?
do you need to remember who is REALLY in charge, like i do?
i think we can make good efforts to be intentional with our kids all the day long, but we also need to take a step back and remember who the master mind of the plan always has been.

i just got my kids this book

have you seen this?
for me it is jesus' own words right to me.
his little daughter.
you have to get this and read it.
even if you don't have kids.
YOU are the kid.
it reassures that no matter what mistakes you make or how badly you may mess up, that love(God's love) will find you. no matter what. i have not been able to read it to my babies without tears streaming yet....

so good night.
remember who loves you and who is in charge.
i will try to do the same.


  1. such a great post shauna. i'm off to order that book right now.

  2. Holy cow. I read it last night again and couldn't finish that one page! So hoping my son wouldn't look up wondering why my voice was all squeaky. Then I planned to blog about it. Then you beat me to it! It's my new fav.