life made lovely-by ty reed

this is a post written by my 5 year old son.
if this isn't making life lovely, i don't know what is...

i got this box in the mail.
i didn't get to see what was in it, because it was for christmas.
instead i made a spaceship out of my box.
i kinda like, added the pieces with markers and colored the wings.
i blasted off into space.
i saw an alien.
and i went back home.
i feel so happy about that box.

i am linking up to one of my favorite blogs today, blessed little nest, to share ty's loveliness, on her life made lovely mondays....


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  1. Oh my goodness-that does make my day lovely! There's nothing like a cardboard box!

  2. ty makes any day lovely, look at that face. he would get along so well with my little man, give that boy a box and he is sooo happy : )

  3. to quote my 6 year old...this is perfectly perfect! without a doubt, your boy and his box are the definition of lovely!!!

  4. you blog is adorable. love your editing. love your pics!

  5. that is lovely! He is so cute! boxes are always WAY more fun than the stuff inside! lol