love...under my tree

doesn't feel good to get a gift?
well, maybe not just any gift.
but you know the ones that just say (without words) "i know you"
if just feels like nothing else to be known and to have someone show you that.
it can be a tin of yummy treats that your favorite red head drops at your door, on christmas eve (wink wink)
or the MOST perfect vintage milk tin....with MY NAME ON IT?! dropped off by messengers you have never met, on rainy night.....thank you little angel! amazing!
or vintage sheet music to one of my favorite songs....in turquoise....from your favorite photographer
does it get any better?
it's not just the "stuff" (but that IS pretty rad, right?)
it's the love.
from the expected places and the unexpected as well...
and there it is, under my tree.

ok ok back to cooking and bustling...

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