christmas spirit, doom, and patience

well, on top of me having some christmas spirit issues,
and also the looming doom that will surely occur if i follow leslie's suggestion about this,
i feel like i have lost my voice.
and by voice i mean camera.
i am waiting patiently and gratefully for my reedo to set up the computer to receive more pictures,
but as usual, things don't really move at my speed.
so, i continue to post random you tube videos.
and focus on gettin my house ready for christmas.(i want to take pictures to share, buuuttt....)

for today, i thought you may like to see ella's recent reaction to a big birthday package that came in the mail from her grandma and grandpa.....

and also some pictures of MY favorite gift that she received,
besides the disney pass, that i get to take her to use in 5 more days!

and finally,
since i an just trying to think of already uploaded things to share,
here are some of tidbit's recent banners that i custom made for my cutey friends.

i hope you are having a wonderful christmasy weekend!
the reeds are off to get our christmas tree.....


  1. I love the new header photo - the light is amazing :D Good luck getting your computer back in action. I hate when my is on the fritz.... have a great weekend!!

  2. I love your custom made banners - so cute!

    Could you load your pics onto flickr until you have room to save them back on your hard drive? Feeling for you!

  3. i loooovvvveeee that piano. hoping santa brings one for piper, too.

    hang in there! you'll be back to uploading and enjoying photos in no time.

  4. I love your header!! (and the rest of your blog for that matter)

  5. loooooooooove the banners! what a sweet & heartfelt gift - so precious, and so fabulous!! xoxo