just me and ella- dreams do come true

these are my favorites from my happy day with ella at disneyland.
we started out a bit rough since she had NO IDEA what disneyland even was, and she was crying and having a naughty princess fit in the car as we passed the mall.
she was thinking that disneyland meant the disney store.....
it was one of those trips where you are just turning up the music and trying not to yell at your 3 year old that she should be so grateful to you....and hoping that you are not making a big mistake in organizing the whole day around one so volatile.
i guess i don't even need to tell you how quickly her little frown turned upside down, when she got a load of all the happiness and treats at disneyland.
it was a very good day.
i will remember it forever.
remind me of this day when i am about to pass out from another load of laundry, and she poops in her panties and someone throws up on me, and my car breaks down, ok?
cause that day will come.
but this was NOT one of THOSE days.
it was.....
delicious happiness.
we got her a pass for her birthday, so i did not rush, knowing i could bring her back soon...even next week if i wanted.
we went on the train, and small world
and looked at the "meet the princess" area (ella is not interested in touching or talking to any character),
the carousel, we had lunch in new orleans square and then i got a call from uncle shane (remember our computer hero) and he and Jen were visiting disneyland too!
so we met them at pirates of the caribbean and we all went on that.
ella was not scared.
tough little cookie.
i remember taking jake on when he was about her age and he trembled in my arms through a lot of it....
ella was pushing my hands away when i was trying to snuggle her.
funny huh?
we looked at aurora's castle,
and then.....
the finale.
the peter pan ride.
oh yah. she was beyond happy!
yelling out to the characters, "i'm coming john! coming michael!"  "mom! you hear dat! the crocodile music!" "i'm flyyyyying!"
it was a solid 2 minutes of bliss.
she could have stayed all day....
but we had to get home for jake and ty, so off we went
not sure about ella, but CANNOT WAIT to go back.


  1. What a wonderful gift! We took our kids last year and two out of three cried most of the time...I guess it was just to overwhelming, we will for sure try again! Looks like you had a beautiful day!

  2. oh my. these pictures are priceless. seriously. that one of her sitting at the table byt he window with the chandelier. absolute perfection. what a day to remember for you guys!

  3. the picture of her at the table....in the window light....perfect.
    i love it.

  4. I'm so happy it was a great time. We had our last trip (for a long long while) on Tuesday. I'm so sad :( I LOVE the pic too of Ella at the table with the big window behind her. You should blow it up!!

  5. What a special time - love her cute little smile!

  6. Oh what a wonderful day, filled with such beautiful memories and gorgeous photos.

  7. you are making me miss disney. how darling! can't wait for the day when i can make it with my crew....