a few of my.....

favorites things.
i was inspired{once again} by heather.
she shared a few of her favorites over on her blessed little nest.
her things are....perfect.
here are mine.

this is number one right now.
check out this hilarious video.
my little sister, gracie, comes in half way through it.
i think you will be able to tell which girl is my sis,
since she looks like a 10 years younger(and just a tad cuter) version of me.
she is so. flippin. cute.
my heart hurts watching her cuteness and not being able to be near her for the first christmas EVER .
EVER, since she was born.
i know she is where she ought to be, but still, ouch.
(make sure you stop my mixpod, in the sidebar, before you watch the video)

ella has discovered that the auto timer on my camera can make for a fun game with mommy!
yah! a photo loving girly friend!

i love snuggling with these people in the mornings.
these last few days i have got in a lot of that.

this is my favorite ornament this year.
my little sister valerie sent it to me.
this is the first year that i am away from her for christmas too!
crazy huh?
it's a big year for us.
learnin' how to have a christmas without each other.
it's hard.

my reedo's mom and dad have been visiting and it is mom's birthday right before chistmas.
both of her sons asked me to make a floral gift for her.
did you know that i was a floral designer before i was a blogging mommy?
this is what i came up with.
the flowers cost $30 at trader joes.
i sorta wish i'd made myself one too...

i think this may be my new all time favorite picture i have taken of Jacob.
it makes my heart stand still when i look at his eyes perched over his amazing freckles.
and now, to top it off, his toothless grin.

my favorite place to eat lately is cafe rio.
and i have a little lady friend who likes it too.
plus kids get FREE quesadillas there...score!
(see ella's face up there?
that face is because she saw a baby.
have i told you that Ella does NOT like babies?
if she see's one she sticks her tongue out at it.
isn't that darling....my sweet little princess.
well, she saw a baby and stuck her tongue at him and then was pointing me out to this tiny little 5 month old bundle( in his carrier) and telling him, "that's MY mom, see her over there? MY mom"
this girl cracks me up.
every day.

when i am feeling sad, i simply remember my favorite things....
and then i don't feel so bad!


  1. Loving everything on your list - especially that last photo of her face! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Awww. Im glad you like our ornaments! We each have the same one for this first christmas apart:) I love you!