craft week, and getting back to my "nice" self....

my kids and i are doing craft week leading up to christmas.
perfect timing with no school, plus it is pouring rain and we need something to look forward to and keep us entertained.

day one.
teeny tiny gingerbread houses.
we had help from some super cute neighborhood friends for this one....

day two.
puff ball ornaments.
we had help from my super cute husband on this one!
reedo was very serious about his ornament.
and i wonder where the crazy competition in some people in my house comes from.....um. yeah.

keep checking back in the next few days for more updates on our christmas craft week 2010.....

just in case you are wondering how i am doing with my "what about jesus?!" frustration....
while we did this last craft, ty was putting on the white balls and said, " i am putting these white ones on to think about how we are washed clean." and jake said, "oh yeah! like the wordless book! and the red is to represent how jesus died for us..."
um. thank you.
i felt like God was looking down at me and winking.
as if to say...."do you think you are the only one concerned  with these little guys? i've got it covered, baby girl....you just take a deep breath..."


  1. Love it! My daughter said today, "I think people should put up decorations of Jesus instead of Santa."

  2. I love this, loved that he gave you a little smile, we need those from time to time. Parenting is hard...my motto is I only get one chance. Looks like you are doing an awesome job!