do you want to be happy?
then scroll down to my ipod and pause it,
then click on this clip.
i know this will make you smile.
this movie just may be the answer to where my lost christmas spirit is.
i watched it last night and i am feeling it start to bubble up... 


  1. can you imagine sitting at a table and singing in each others faces without dying laughing?!!!!

  2. love it! white christmas is playing at our little old theater for free next week an di can't wait to go see it!
    and i'm w/meg, no one wants to hear me sing and mos def not in their face like that! : )

  3. awww thank you for this...this is my favorite christmas movie....I love it....the good ole days right?? lol...

  4. Love this movie! But I can honestly say I've never really wanted to wash my hair in snow...seems ah, cold? Or weird. Maybe both! :)

  5. I've never seen this...do you own it? I've heard it's a classic and somehow I've missed it all this time.