waiting, brother wizard and water

i am still waiting for my pictures.
aren't i so patient?
are you impressed?
well, maybe you are and maybe you think i am being a whiner,
but  do you wanta know i am suuuuuuper lucky?
because, it just happened that while i was having these computer issues that i have no idea how to fix(and have to completely depend on my reedo to fix) our brother, shane came to visit!
do you know what that means?!
computer wizard.
here to rescue us!
he has cleaned up my whole computer and now you can totally see my screen saver and he freed up TONS of space on that baby!
plus he went with reedo to best buy(expensive) and showed him what to get to manage my photo craziness in the future!(besides me doing a better job at deleting the trash pics...of course :[ )
i am so blessed!
i mean, crazy perfect timing!
so they are gonna finish cleaning everything up today, i think hope, and i will have SO MANY pics to share!
our trip still, christmas stuff, tons of 365 pics! yah!
for now I'd like to share with you a etsy store where 100% of the money that you spend is going to an amazing cause!
water for christmas is all handmade or vintage items that people donated to raise money to build wells for clean, safe water in west africa.
tidbit donated this dress.

buy it.
and ten more things if you can.
no matter which things you buy you are helping little children drink clear water instead of muddy water.
that is the christmas spirit.


  1. Do you have anymore cute dresses for sale? I'm looking for some for little miss, you know her size!! You can e-mail me if you do, thanks girlie!!

  2. just popping in to say how i adore your photographs! you are so incredibly talented and what a beautiful family and life perspective. keep it up! and merry christmas :-)