a dumb thing and a happy thing

this is mocking me.
the wreath telling my what i want to hear. read.
the chair telling me what i want to ignore. fold.

this is pleasing me.
i got this bell at homegoods.
i cant describe how happy it makes me.
weird, huh?


  1. Ugh - I SO get that laundry - thing....it is so daunting and CONSTANT, huh?

    And that dinner bell? OH-SO-HAPPY! ;)

    happy laundring...

  2. love it. i found an old school bell at an antique store recently but didn't wanna pay $40 for it so now i am on the hunt for one for my kitchen, too

  3. That bell is SOOO AWESOME! and you aren't the only one with a chair full of alundry to fold, ugh! laundry

  4. i need a bell!!!!
    do you think there are more?
    would you buy one and ship it to me?!
    i am not kidding....we don't have homegoods.

    that chair is so rude....doesn't it know? it has no manners.

  5. my bed is mocking me. it's covered in clothes that i should be tending to, and instead i sit here and read blogs. cause that is way.more.fun.

    love your bell!