my trip....

was heaven!
my sister took such good care of me...she always does.
her boyfriend, tom lives a few blocks away from her.
we walked over the first morning and they cooked me an amazing breakfast.
huevos rancheros.....so incredibly yummy!
they got me jasmine tea and diet coke too.
she and tom were so nice to me.
she took me all over her cute town, and to her favorite restaurant (which she also works at).
it was SO great!
fabulous food.
tom took me to his art studio and showed me his work and his space.
it was like a dream, to be all by my big girl self and just follow them where they go and see what they love.
not my normal reality, ya know.
i really really loved it.
that is not even getting started on the COLORS.
it was my favorite weather of all time.
rainy and a little windy.
and ALL the beautiful colors falling down to the streets and yards.
we walked everywhere.
we went to the river.
the book shop (that is right across the street from her cute house).
the soda fountain.
a record shop.
antique shops.
does it get any better?
the answer is no....no it does not.
thank you grace for having me and loving me.
thank you tom, for showing me around, especially when grace was at work.
i felt special and loved by both of you.
i will be thankful for that time with you guys forever and ever...


  1. oh man....can I hide in your suitcase next time...that looks like heaven!!! Love the pics....sisters are GREAT!!!

  2. What a wonderful time! Don't you just love Goody's?!? We have to make a special trip there from time to time...love their candies!

  3. hey, i'm just wondering if grace & tom take in total and complete strangers as weekend guests as well? :D tell them i would come bearing baked goods. ahhh...what a great weekend shauna! seriously, antiquing, record stores, book stores...all of my favorite things! and how cute are you and your sister?!

  4. i wish i was on that trip!! it looks very hip and happening.

  5. your photos are so fabulous. i can feel the fun coming right through them. i'm so glad you had a wonderful time!

  6. Love your pics - looks like an amazing time!

  7. so that's why everyone seems to have moved there - gorgeous! I'm happy you had special sister time - Gracie's all growdz up!

  8. Awww... you and your sis are just about the cutest pair! What a fun trip. It sounds so relaxing :D

  9. sounds amazing! so glad you got away with your sister:).

  10. we loved having you Shauna.. Can't wait til the whole reed fam can come for a visit!

  11. those pics make for one lovely series...they go together so amazingly. you are so great at that. also i'm LOVIN the heavy bang thing on Grace right now! killer.

  12. found your blog through PaisleyJade and am obsessed! your pictures are gorgeous. new follower!


  13. I too came over from PaisleyJade and have put you on my reader. Loving your posts and drool over your photography ;)

  14. So glad you and Grace (and Tom) got to have such special time together! What a blessing! Sisters are precious and special!

    Beautiful shots too (as always). xoxo