'round here....thier space

there have been some recent changes in the boy's space.
i put up each of their "i am" prints right by where they sleep.
i like to think that if the words are close to their little sleeping heads, then the facts of their TRUE identity, in Jesus, will just absorb into their minds while they are sleeping.....i like to think that.
also, my big boy has his alarm clock now.
we set it for 6am and he gets up easily.
well, after the first morning.
he spent that crying into my lap saying,"i feel tricked! you said it was gonna be morning and it's still night! it's black like night outside! you lied!"
then, since he was up so early and got dressed and cleaned up, he figured out he could have some "LEGO time" and the crying was over.
and every night he reminds me to help him set his alarm for 6am.
that's all it took.

theirs was the first banner i ever made.
i love it.
they pull it down at least 3 times a week, mid-jump or from an intense lightsabor incident.
and i put it back up.
do not look at the carpet.

hey! i said don't look!
stop! looking!
it is gross.
we are going to get freshy carpet when we have three potty trained children.
until then, STOP LOOKING!

i love the boy's surf room.
and we also just changed the art in the below pictures, from curious george art, to watercolor wednesday art.
it's all around the loft/playroom.

i want to take pictures of ella's room too.
but it's not ready.
that is coming soon....

for meg and all the others (including me)
that got the jeebers scared out of you every time the music started before, i changed the order of the playlist.
that'll do until i can make up a new one, i need to do that soon.
enjoy patsy.


  1. lol the music scared me every time too! :)

    Interesting you set his alarm for 6am. My kids have internal 6am clocks going on and I can't for the life of me figure out how to set it 'later'. If they get to bed really late it's still 6am. Then 4 cranky kids. ugh

  2. Too funny about the playlist-scared me too!

    Love the room, my kids have the internal alarm too-especially my son. He's an early riser like his mom. An alarm clock isn't necessary, yet. ;)

  3. i just found your blog through meg's. i like what you've got going on here. this is good stuff. :)

  4. Love the surfer style. The banner is fantastic. I hate the guts out of our carpet too. Sigh...
    Watercolor Wednesday? Epic. We need to do that!!!!

  5. i love all the photos in the their room. so fun. and that bunting is super cute!

  6. love the watercolor wednesday art on the walls!! I have stacks of my boy's art that I've been meaning to put on his walls and this just might be the little dose of inspiration I needed to get it done ;)

  7. I love the alarm story. Wish I'd done that with my kids when they were little. They don't do so well. Good job, Shauna!

  8. Love what you did! Such a fun boy room...perfect for lightsaber'ing.