my sad sicky sick deal

these are some things about my deal right now.

  • my fingernails have pink, red and blue paint under them. from crazy hair night.
  • my kids were sick today, and so was i. we watched 4 movies. i was super grouchy. i took them to IHOP for dinner instead of dealing with making something that they will only complain about. reedo is gone for a few days, so they are stuck with just me. how sad for them.
  • my bell is for many things. i can ring it or other people can earn a chance. some reasons to ring my bell: dinner. good behavior observed. poo-poo on the potty. if someone is sad and i want cheer them up. if reedo wants to come in and ring it for no reason and wake up the sleeping children(not my fav). unloading the dishwasher. homework done...you get the picture. "come on, ring my beeeeeeeeeell. ring my bell." (meg, i am looking for another one for you...another good reason to go to homegoods!)

  • in an effort to get out of the "fighting house" today, we (jake,ty, ella and i) took a drive. i tried a sonic cherry lemonade. i had never been to sonic. it was a good lemonade.
  • i got the kids fast food. even though they were sick. i am ashamed. i am feeling bad too and didn't even step it up for them to eat well :( we ate out twice today. ew.
  • i need my eyebrows shaped. bad.
  • even though i suck as a mom, today, Jake and Ty told me (separately) that i am the best mom in the world. see? do i ever REALLY have it that bad?
  • i broke down and got Ella the Disney Peter Pan costume when it went on sale. it is hard to pry her out of that thing. she is gonna rock that costume on halloween.
  • if i could choose anything to do tomorrow and had no worries about childcare, i'd go down to the circle in orange and have and antique shopping spree. and a really yummy lunch with my friends. no rushing or time frame.
  • one of the redeeming parts of my day was Grandma L. she heard we were sick and offered to take the kids for a few hours anyway! thank you LORD for your love shown to me through your girl, GL. she is one of my kids favorite people and mine too! she played legos and polly pockets and let me get a tea and walk downtown for an hour or so. LOVE HER!
  • one of my favorite areas is the old part of San Juan Capistrano called Los Rios District. i take ella there sometimes and we cruise. park. shops. tea. treats. last time we went i found this scale.
ok. thanks for listening. and thanks for still being my friend after i tell you what a crappy day i had as a mom.


  1. We ate fast food twice today too. And my kids aren't even sick. just on fall break.

  2. I was sick last week with the kids too...didnt get out of my pajamas...ordered every on demand movie I could find...it happens...no worries...i live in southern cali too....its going around...EVERYONE is sick...

  3. fyi...u look too good in ur pics to be sick...its true....i would have scared people...lols

  4. g.i.r.l. You're singin' my song right now. I feel like the world's crappiest mom too right now......sigh. I don't even have a sickness to help make my case.

    If I had no money and time constraints, I'd LOVE to hit up the Orange Circle or the antique mall in San Juan Capistrano across from Ruby's ;) And then have a long, leisurely lunch at Ramos House (have you been there? to. die. for.)

    Hope your family recovers - and know that we have ALL been there - its just that most of us don't talk about it as openly as you graciously do! LOVE your transparency.

    Paint under the fingernails and all!


  5. i know i don't "know" you, but i would bet money that you are a great mom. and i promise you this...eating cheap food twice doesn't make you one.
    if it did i'd be the crappiest momma ever.

    i hope you guys are feeling better very soon!

    oh, and i'm so glad you experienced the world of sonic happy hour. i love the sour apple slushie. yum!

  6. shut. up. where is the sonic that i don't know about??!! do you know that one of my best things ever is cherry LIMEADE from there that i had many times as a child at a sonic in Oklahoma whilst visiting my grandparents??? (exhale) we would get so excited for that part of our visit, before sonics were in CA. i can't wait to know where it is. oh yeah, so sorry you had a crappy sicky day, but i'm way too excited about the sonic to feel much else. i hope it's next door to the chick-fil-a.

  7. I love you honey...you're a great mom...Reedo

  8. Next time skip sonic and go across the street to sno on the go.
    It looks like an old timey photo-mat.
    It is the solution to many a bad day around here.
    Plus they have clear versions of the flavors for the littles.
    Which is my fave since I am an ocd freak when it comes to food coloring stains.
    The tropical one with strawberries and soft serve. The end.

  9. 1. it is OK to feed your kids any take out when dads are gone and especially when they are sick.
    2. i hope you find a bell for me. :) of course i would pay you....i don't think i was clear about that yesterday.
    3. you must try limeades at sonic....but i love julie's idea too. sno cones are just amazing...we got them after swim lessons all summer.
    4. i love that i now know where orange and san juan capistrano are!!
    5. i witnessed a near fist fight with swearing and screaming in a tiny cramped shop in downtown orange! i s tarted to cry.
    6. my favorite times in this stage of life are when i am completely off the clock. no time i have to be back. do my own thing as long as i wish and go where i want.

  10. You guys look too cute to be sick or to be crappy ;) lol
    and I love sonic!!

  11. I'm so glad Meg mentioned your blog today- I'm smitten!

  12. And by the way- I'm perusing your archives and could spend days here. : )

  13. shauna, i am a crappy mom, too, just so ya know. i think we all are sometimes. aren't we? i hope it's not just me :D i love your scale and your music on here {that's exactly what i love to play while i'm working in the kitchen} and that you took the kids out to eat twice in one day because i would totally do that, especially if my husband was out of town and i was going cukoo by myself at home. : )