i got it.

i guess i was good.
even though i don't know what part of me following everyone around the apple orchard barking orders is considered "good".
oh well.
maybe my husband loves me so much that i get a kiss either way?

yah i think that must be it.
i love that guy.
he gets my love either way, too.

doesn't being a family take so much graciousness?
i mean, i know i have many fine qualities, but i am also a complicated little cat, ya know.
specific expectations.
i know there are good things to list too.
but when i look at that picture above, it reminds me of my quirks and how my Reedo, still has his arms around me.
i was sweaty and demanding that day.
he was good to me.

i was the only person that got the raspberry stickers on me this year.
i brought the kids and me the rain boots to protect us from those little boogers
and then i got them all over my butt.
this is my family helping me get them off.
thanks guys.
no, honey, not in my jeans.....*smirk*

God is so good to me.
he knew just what i'd need in this life.
most of the time I have no idea what I even need.
but apparently He does.

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  1. those pics of you two are really, really sweet. i love his eye wrinkles too. sorry reedo.

  2. Beautiful pictures and such a great post-I agree with ya that the gift of an amazing husband is such a huge blessing!