rainy day soup

in honor of our rainy weather,
here is my mom's recipe for rainy day soup.
it was given to me, by her, verbally
it is her version of her mom's, my grandma Ginny's, rainy day soup

Rainy Day Soup

1 lb lean, ground beef
1 diced onion(for my kids, liquefied onion)
1 can diced tomatoes(i have changed it for my tomato hater to crushed tomatoes...oh please!)
1 lrg can(or so) broth(or water)
1 bag frozen veggies OR your preferance of a mix of your favorites( i usually add corn, green beans, carrots...whatevers in season)
2 potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 bay leaves
a couple shakes of dry basil
a couple shakes of dry oregano
  • start cooking the meat and as it cooks and lets out some fat, add the onion.

  • stir until the meat is crumbly and the onion soft.

  • add the tomatoes, and all the veggies and then cover with broth(here is where you deside how brothy or thick you prefer it and adjust the amount of liquid you use).

  • season with bay leaves and oregano and basil.

  • let cook on the stove for as long as you need, stirring every once in a while.

  • if is cooks down and your broth is getting low, add water.

this is not a fancy soup. you can change it up and add spices or different veggies or whatever and it's really hard to mess up.

so put on pot. and watch your kids all of the sudden like veggies...it's weird.

here is momma with my sister val and i.

there was probably a pot of rainy day soup boiling in the kitchen when this picture was being taken. it was a Laxson family tradition.

wish i could thank her for teaching me to make it so my kids would eat green beans.

i will someday.

i am linking this to Joy's Hope.

maybe her kids will eat green beans now too?

you should look at her recipe post over there, there are a buncha good easy ones!


  1. Sounds good and easy, since I usually have most of the ingredients already on hand. I'm pretty sure though that my 3 year old still will not eat the veggies but I'll try it :)

  2. YUM! We just had soup that was almost the same as this recipe last night for dinner. I am enjoying the CA rain, and making dinner as fallish as possible. It will probably be 90 degrees again next week lol. Love the pic of your sister and your mom, what a special memory!

  3. So good. SO GOOD! If only every day could be soup day!