sweet shoppe party!

one of our favorite girls turned 4 last weekend!
lily is the daughter of one my best friends.
i brought my camera to her ADORABLE sweet shoppe themed party.
seriously, lena, you out did yourself.
it was beautiful and FUN!
i wish i got more pics of the birthday girl herself, but there begins to be something kinda weird about a lady that's not your mom gettin in your face and snapping pictures at your 4th birthday sweet shoppe party(plus i am sorta.....no super bossy when i take pictures :/)
so i stuck to taking as many of her as i could with out being weird and then getting tons of my kids at this super happy party....

ps. i absolutely LOVE taking pictures of lily! she is so beautiful and naturally expressive.
i could take pictures of her all day!

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  1. I'm so thankful that you captured some great memories from the day! Oh, and it's hard to capture Lily on camera because she NEVER STANDS STILL! Add unlimited sugar to the mix and...

    The one of E licking the cupcake and the one of my poor boy crying are my faves!

    Thanks for being a part of her special day, pals!

  2. That party looked COOL!!! I must tell you..this song...I go walking after midnight searching for you...it gets stuck in my...like im singing it when Im cooking dinner...OUT LOUD!!! And my kids think im crazy...LOLS!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. that looks like such a fun birthday, and your pictures are awesome!! love them!

  4. *it gets stuck in my HEAD!!! woops

  5. i love the facial expressions you're able to capture. so real and sweet. it looks like a great party!

  6. ahhh, what a fun party! and how cute is your little guy in the shirt and tie? i love the whole candy idea, my kids would just adore that kind of party! : )