'round here

i haven't got our fall stuff out yet.
i usually do that in early September.
but this year, huh, there's no pull to do it.
i did make some tissue pom poms to hang over our table, though.
i love them.
i feel like there is a party...but it's just us.
on the first day of fall, i hung them and made mac and cheese with the crumbs on top.
jake always cries when he sees the crumbs....
then eats a couple bites and remembers after eating almost all of it, that he like them.
i want to make him eat outside, but i give a stiff smile and continue with my niceness.
i think about how my mom, must have done that, more times than anyone could count.
make a nice meal, or do something thoughtful and then receive ungratefulness in return.
i even can picture her stiff smile.
not too many lectures, just grace.
sometimes i can't help but look at jake and ask, "what if you worked hard on a picture for me and tried to make it just how i like it, with my favorite colors and everything, and then i whined and cried when i saw it?"
then i feel like i hate the sound of my own voice and i wish there was someone besides me to stand up for me....
oh well...

i got a gym membership.
my friend leslie and i both did.
we have been going.
i don't think either of us really like it, we are just happy to have an excuse to see each other just about everyday :)
we are doing something that's good for us and talking....perfect.
she is the best kind of friend, to me.
she tells the truth, isn't too much like me, but we do have similar tastes.
she doesn't blame everything on me.
she almost always wants to hang out with me, even if she can't.
she likes anthropologie, target, antique stores, food, and iced tea.
she listens to me, and doesn't always assume that i am just like her in everything...i feel like i do that to my friends a lot :/
we wear the same shoe size...yessssss
we both like colors.
we both really want to be honest with ourselves....
ok ok ok...there is not enough room in blogland for all my love....
i am blessed by her friendship.
God gives me his love through that feisty little redhead, often.
i am thankful.

ty sometimes like to sit in ella's booster seat when she is taking a nap.
he knows it's sorta babyish, but likes it.
i love that little guy.

jake has been getting better at his homework, and faster.
he does much better when it involves some sort of creativity.
like making up a paragraph instead of copying one.
fair enough.
it get it.

i got new red lipstick, need i say more?
gym. red lipstick. ouch. sizzle.

i finished my book wreath.
i love it.
it is giant and beautiful.
leslie and i are selling them at some up-coming boutiques.

ps. how much do you think i should charge for those wreaths?
they are a lot of work, but not expensive to make.
how much would you want to pay, realistically?
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  1. with the economy the way it is, I think people would gobble them up for $25-$35, but might pass if they're too much more. $25 is usually the point where I ask myself how much I could make it for myself. But that may just be me because I like to make stuff. I think you could sell a couple for $50 or a ton for $25. BTW, It looks perfect where you have it hung!

  2. Also, I think that's what you should get Lily for her bday. She'd love it in MY family room. ;)

  3. Just started reading your blog and your pictures are so darling !! And your songs rock my socks !!

  4. So happy about your gym membership. There is something great about being a little selfish and doing something just for you. I have finally gotten abck into the swing of things (exercising, eating right) since we moved, and it feels so dang good.

    Love love love the pom poms. I can see how they might not go with "autumn attire" but they are just too pretty to take down.

    I miss you!!!

  5. you are so right about thinking our friends feel the same.
    i totally do that.

    AND i think the words you used to explain your feelings about the meal, etc. is great. it's all in the way you say it i guess.
    because i thought "that's genius!" when i read how you compared it.
    i despise the ungratefulness after a big meal.
    or a special outing.
    makes me NUTS.

    the wreaths are amazing.
    don't undersell yourself.
    go with your gut.
    and send me one.
    probably wouldn't mail too easily would it?

  6. You are so kind to me. Thanks for all your words. You know how much I love them, and you know my feelings are mutual ;) I hadn't read this yet; with all the family stuff, I wasn't caught up. I love that pic of us too - it's a visual representation of how we so perfectly contrast and complement each other at the same time.

  7. That wreath is so stinkin' cute!!!!! I love the pom-pom photos - how in the world did you get that one looking down????

  8. Love the pom poms. Love that they are just for you guys. Not for a party. Because that just how it should be.
    Sort of want to steal the wreath. I have wanted to make one forever. I even mentioned it in a blog post a while ago. Which was followed by a scathing email condemning me for wanting to deface a book. Sigh. But I still want to make one. Defacing and all. Or buy one. No work, no destruction...
    I'd vote for $50. Because they are giant and rad.

  9. This wreath is incredibly gorgeous friend. I don't know how much you should charge for it, but I do know that when I look at it, it looks like I couldn't afford it. Does that make sense?