how do you like them apples(it's the last one! i promise! well....i hope)

i still haven't made anything special with my apples.

i have been eating them though.(keeps the doctor away?)

and i did make those chocolate peanut butter thingys that i have on the side bar.

or click here.

words cannot describe them.

you just need to make them and see.

and here are my last few pictures of my baby girl.

she is my treasure.

tonight she wanted me to sing her "somewhere over the rainbow".

she stared into my eyes the whole time, smiling and sucking her thumb.

bea, if you are looking at this, I know i need to trim her nails.....at least they are sorta clean?

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  1. AMAZING photos! The lighting is PERFECT! It looks like you all had such a great day. The apples in our neck of the woods are amazingly delicious right now... MMMmmmm.....

    Although, I think I could forgo the apples for the chocolate peanut butter thingys..... I am sure they are just as healthy - right???? :D

  2. Love your photos...oh how I wish I could take pics like that. :) Your little girl is adorable...I'm thinking I need to make a hankie/headband (forget what you call those things) for my littlest as she would actually wear it (unlike my very picky-from-birth 7 yr old daughter). :)