pretty new house additions....

the sunshine seems like it's just now coming out and now summer is over!
still, i won't let that stop me from celebrating our rays (even if we only get them for a week)
here is my tribute...

and here is what i did with my cubbies, for now
noticing a theme?
i pulled out my birthday gift, from my dad and his wife, Joanie
it is a little gadget called a "slice"
a handy little helper that cuts me PERFECT letters!
i made the "hello sunshine" banner and the names in the cubbies, and my number 5's
cool, huh?

recently, i hung out with my friend Gini and she called me "crafty".
for some reason, in the past, i haven't really thought that a good thing.
it seemed sorta....pointless?
but i think i am changing my take on that.
i like seeing something inspiring and then making something great.
or even just sorta great.
that's crafty.
crafty isn't just school glue and cheap beads(nothin' wrong with either of those;)
it's me.
i make stuff that i like.
cause i want to.
hmm. thanks Gini.
i like that.
this is next.

also, my tiny ty got HIS kindergarten desk this weekend.
just in time for his first "homework" this week.
he is so pumped to be going to school with Jake for the first time.
i can't believe how big boyish he is!
i am gonna have to post a baby pictures soon, i can feel it.....

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  1. Lots of cuteness! I'm jealous of your slice!

  2. oh my, i think i am i love with your house and all of the cute-ness here, can't wait to see more!