rainbows and mac and cheese!

we had a little celebration on the first day of school.
we had some friends over after our short school day and made these rainbows!

then i set a special centerpiece with candles and crayons and set each place with a large piece of card stock.

then i "sliced" each person's first letter of their name and we decorated our place mat during dinnertime.

we had home-made mac and cheese and white corn and bananas.

not very colorful.

but that's what the rainbows are for.

we all talked about the new things that happened that day and about what we "hope" for this year.

i think they felt special.

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  1. I love love the polka dot cupcake liners. Whered did you find them, I must get me some of those!!

    Yay for first day, and special celebrations that make our kiddos feel special!!