and, she's off!

that's it.
she's off.
my sister, valerie left for her new home in Colorado!
now both my amazing sisters are out adventuring in other states.
i am sorta jealous.
and sorta glad it's not me.
jealous of snow and fall and seasons and new homes and open space and the unknown...
glad not to have to move my (incredible amount of) stuff from house to house.

as a send-off, ella and i took aunt val to one of our favorite places.
you know i am a sucker for the mission.
and then down to her favorite hang out, hidden house coffee.
it was sweet.
i love you sister.

she has a blog.
click here to see her perspective.
she is so brave and cool.
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  1. sigh....I TOTALLY know how you feel - my youngest sis went from moving 5 miles away with her hubby and sweet son to moving to Austin with her hubby and son. And part of me wishes I could adventure like that, and parts of me are so glad I'm staying put - I get that!

    What a sweet relationship you have, and I popped over to your sis's blog. Amazing perspective, amazing how she has God completely in control and amazing how brave she is to embark on an unknown adventure!

    Happy Tuesday - stay cool!!


  2. such a great way to send her off on her adventure. and such a great place to go visit for your next adventure ;)