something they can ALL do!


um, since last time i posted, the followers of this blog have almost doubled.
i give all the credit to Heather.
She posted about "the reed life" last week and WOW!
amazing what one post can do.
i feel happy, bashful, embarrassed, encouraged, sassy, popular, humbled, and excited about the new friends that this world of blogging can connect me to.
So, for all you new to the reed life,


thank you for being interested.
they are so encouraging and gracious!
i am moved to see how many people will pause and give me words of advise on my son or my mothering.
you guys are GREAT!
i am grinning.

So, here we go.

One of the things that has been a challenge about having all my kids right after another, and so close together,
(go ahead and laugh all you super-heros that had your babies like 12 months apart....you guys are angels.)
is finding fun activities that they can all do well enough that i can physically manage them all.
since they all are relatively small(needy), lots of things are impossible or VERY HECTIC.
i actually kinda feel like this challenge is pretty recent, since for a while it just HAD to be separate.
ella was a baby.
and then there were the big kids.
haha! "big"
but as time goes by she is learning how to chime in and it is.....
scary, hilarious, horrifying, sweet and lots of work.
one thing they can all and will all do, right now at this moment is scooter!
so here are my babies turned big kids scootering down the street....

one more thing.
(those of you "big girl bloggers" that have been doing this for a while, go ahead and snicker, knowingly.)
i really want to answer and reply back to all those comments.
it's like there are nice understanding friends just waiting for me to come on over.
i wrote back to a few.
but not all.
that bugs me.
i want to respond to all.
but, my husband asked me to do the laundry(please! can't he see that i have better things to do!)
and i need to work on my banners for the Mariner's Boutique(yep, a tidbit come back...more info to come) and i told Ty, I'd read him a story and i need to answer a buncha emails....so
i guess i can't reply to all right now.
but hopefully soon?
i hope?
for now, please know how thrilled i am to have you all and that i have MANY new favorite blogs to catch up on!
so fun!


  1. Enjoying your beautiful blog. :) I totally understand the kid thing. Right now I have one bike rider, one with training wheels, one that doesn't, and a wagon rider when we go down the street. lol
    As far as comments and answering goes, I have no problem with that one as it's not hard for me to answer the three comments I tend to get....lol. So enjoy the comments and emails! It's always nice to have folks to talk to. ;)

  2. I love the picture of Ella on the curb. So precious! And the one legged silly pic is just a hoot. :) Looks like a fun activity to "wear em out" ;)

  3. Just found your blog. Loving your pictures. Make me miss California. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

  4. Great BLOG !! I love the feel of it. And your pictures are awesome:)

  5. Beautiful blog! I understand trying to find activities...I have 4 children ages 6 and under. Playing outside is something they all love and we are outside as much as the weather allows us.

    And I can relate to wanting to get back to all those comments! I felt the same way when I first started blogging, and I finally chose one night a week to visit everyone's blog that left me a comment.

    Have a blessed night!
    Big Fat Mama

  6. Scootering is something my kids love to do together too-it's a one size fits all kid of thing for them, since they were all born crazily, hold on to your hat close.

    And don't feel bad about not responding to everyone's comments or emails-we all know you're just like us-you have a real life and real busy kids and a husband who probably wants some undivided attention every so often. ;) No worries!

  7. i am taking no credit here girl. people are signing up because you're rad. your blog is lovely and real, and you have an undeniably fun style that is all your own. don't stress over responding to people! when blogging becomes stress you end up not doing it, and i don't want that to happen to you. just make your rounds as you can. no worries!