more apple picking

Round two.....
I really really love these.
I love my family.
I love my friends.
My favorite is the one on the bottom left.
I am out of focus.
Jake took it and it reminds me of the picture Erin's son took of her in the mustard fields.
I love that one Erin.
From your son's view.....so precious.
Funny. When Ty takes picture they always turn out weirdly amazing.
With Jake, not so much.
But this one is definitely an acception.
It's his view of me.
I value that.

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  1. Shauna- Love these and it does not hurt that you are so cute! : ) And so are the kids, naturally. I love all of them, especially the boots. Awesome glimpse into your apple-pickin' day!

  2. I love them all!!
    I can feel the peace and joy of your moments together!
    Enjoy the day