happy things happening...

there are some happy things around here lately.
muffins in the morning,
book page wreaths being made,
letters being "sliced",
kindergarten papers being colored
banners being made,
and a couple new red wire baskets to contain the mess.
september is a month of change.
it's hard.
but good.
i am tired.
tired of getting up early....gotta push through.
tired of the arguing....always happens when the look of authority changes.
but i am also energized(at times).

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  1. i love your pictures of happy things. i'm in a bit of a funk today (this week) but i'm trying to push through. one minute at a time.

  2. it is a big month and a month full of so many brand-new things for us, too.i love it but i think it takes a lot fo getting used to as well. i want to see all of that wreath...it looks so cute!
    and yes, love those baskets!