peter pan

we love peter pan over here!

this is our second round of peter-pan-mania.
we went through it first when ella was an infant.
we told her she liked tink.
i made her a costume.

now she wants the REAL DEAL.
she wants top billing.
she's got the hat.
she crosses her arms.
she has NO IDEA how incredibly tinkerbell-ish she is.
there is no getting away from it.
ella is the original pouty fairy.
she can go ahead and think that she is peter.
i may even have to let her be him for halloween.
be we know the truth.

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how funny is jake's face?

he thinks that is his peter pan face.



  1. The pouty face is priceless!! Can't wait to see her as Peter, she will be adorable!!

    Natalie wanted to be tink this year, but then she fell in love with a pink/green fairy costume, now she calls herself a "pink tink"

    not sure I can handle all this pink.