apple picking

ok people.
i took alot of pictures at the apple farm.
and although you most likely don't want to see a million pictures of apples.....
well you don't HAVE to look.
just click away if i am boring you.
i had a blast taking them.
a sweaty blast.
it was 150 degrees and i was wearing rain boots......gross.
but the cuteness overcame and my photo loving pal, Bea and I just snapped away!
She was the brains behind all last years adorable pictures and she lived up to her reputation this year too.
We picked and snapped and ate.
all of us.
apples AND raspberries.
then we went to Apple Annies for some down home cookin' and ate some more.
that's livin' people.

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stay tuned for at least 3 more posts of our applicious-ness...


  1. Okay, this does it. I am officially going apple picking! I have never gone, can you believe it? I must get the apples... or the pictures... or the apples :D Loved all the shots & can't wait to see more. Sorry about that icky heat. It is the end of September - CRAZY!

  2. LOVE them!!! ALL of them. They could be in a magazine. I just love their outfits...I better stop I could go on and on. :) When you posted your pics from last year a few days ago, I told my hubby I wanted to go apple picking...he just gave me this look...and said, "Hun our kids can't climb ladders yet. Wait till they're older." :) He's right! So I'm apple picking through your blog I guess. LOL!

  3. what delicious pictures!! your kids are so stinkin' cute :) and 150 degrees isn't far from what we've been having! ha! but I would endure it for some of them apples :)

  4. i wish i had an apple orchard to go to. those pictures are sooooo lovely! and your kids are crazy cute. just sayin.

  5. love it. they don't look sweaty at all. the boots were worth it.