you can call her ella

have you been into pandora radio lately?
i have.
i just made a new station.
paul simon radio.
my momma would LOVE that.
he was her favorite.
well, i made that station today and the VERY first song came on.
you can call me al.
my booty started shakin' and i turned around to ella, doin' this....
she is totally Cindie Lou!(the nickname for my mom)
look into her eyes on that middle left one.
serious paul simon shakin' goin' on.
i won't loose it.
that would be two days in a row.


  1. hi shauna! i'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so i could find yours! i just love it. you are one super creative momma!

    i'm so very sorry for the loss of your mom. i have it on good authority that loosing it two days in a row is absolutely a.ok. i know it. cause i do it, too. take care!

  2. oh and i must say i am glad heather found your blog so i could then find your blog! : ) I have been drooling over your photos and family and craftiness for the last half hour...so much cute-ness!
    and on paul simon-reminds me of my childhood and my dad playing it, too. brings back good memories, i hope it does the same for you!