vitamins and a super hero

i decided to participate with Meg and send some vitamins.
i showed the kids this.
we went to the store on Saturday morning.

Ty and Ella didn't really get it...but Jake had enough questions for all of us:)
after lots of discussion and explaining there was some silence.
then Jake says, "it seems like africa really needs a super-hero"
pause..."if i was a super-hero i'd go straight there"
"i think if i had a super power, i'd want it to be the power to re-build broken things"
i needed this.
he has a great heart, and i needed to see it.
you know i needed to see it.
i can imagine God smiling down on a seven year old boy longing for......Him. Thinking of Him in his own innocent terms.
In his own way wanting to be God's hands...even if he doesn't know it yet.

after we talked Jake started practicing his "super re-builder" jumps.
that got some participation from the little guys.....

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  1. this is wonderful! i have the biggest smile on my face from reading about your super rebuilder. i think he needs a cape. i'm just sayin. :)

  2. Yes, you did need that glimspe with God's eyes for HIS child! Thank you Lord. Jake is a really special boy who will someday be a really special man. You're clearly the best momma for that scenario, whether you feel like it right now or not.

  3. he does need a cape, that is awesome! and i love what you said..."you know i needed to see it". i know the feeling exactly and yes, we do need to see it and hear it. how sweet of you and your family, the re-builders! : )

  4. I found your blog through Heather at the Blessed Little Next and it's gorgeous! What a wonderful post.

  5. I too found your blog through Heather! So glad to have found someone else who is happily a 'mess';)and yes His grace is truly amazing. Your kids are adorable! What a sweet, sweet heart your Ty has!

  6. hi friend!! just wanted to let you know i featured your sweet blog today at my place. have a happy day!

  7. I just found your lovely place through Heather's and oh my! I am lovin' it!!! What a precious glimpse you got of God's love in the heart of your boy!! Love it! Love the pictures :) Love, love, the "beautiful mess" God makes out of our lives! I can't wait to read more!!

  8. i swear i left you a comment here?? weird.
    it is gone.
    thanks for sending vitamins.
    i love your son's heart!!!

    thank YOU!!!

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