not so tiny, Ty

my baby boy.
double sniff.
i know EVERYONE says it, but I can't believe he is big enough to be in kindergarten!
his baby/toddler years went so fast......and yet......so slow.

look at this big boy.
it seems yesterday he would DESTROY everything in his room during nap time.
strip the beds, empty the whole dresser, tear at the blinds, pick the drywall off the window sill.
those were crazy years.
potty training....ugh!
poop on the carpet and walls.
i am not kidding here people.
this guy was like a little bear cub or something....a little wild animal.
and now....big enough for kindergarten!
learning to read and write.
staying in line.
raising his hand.
singing songs like "the more we get together" and "this land was made for you and me"

he's ready.
he can do it.

but just a minute ago......

blubber. blubber. sob.
my baby.

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  1. Ooooh. My fav is both boys with pacifiers. I miss those (in a way). So sweet.

  2. Im gonna cry over these sweet pictures of tiny. I love that baby boy.