my happy friend erin gave me a great idea!
her kids, like my kids, think lunch-ables are cool.
she and i agree that they are not.
to me, they are such a "daddy's in charge" kind of food.
but with a little twist, perhaps everyone will be happy.
click here to see erin's ideas on this idea that she calls....
and check out what i put in mine....
my kids love them!

heart ham and man cheese describe the shapes i cut them into
sour apples describe the reason ty wouldn't eat them (too much lemon juice? oops)


  1. Super cute!!

    Where did you find the reusable compartment lunch totes. I saw the idea on another friends website, but she's in a different state across the country. Did Target have them?? Who makes them, Ziploc, or a different brand??

  2. I love the visuals and the lemon juice on the apples idea, SNR. Tasha, I think Glad makes ones that I've seen in the ziploc section of Vons.