last few days of havin' a sister 'round here....

ella and i had some special time with my sister.
we are counting down the days that we still get to live in the same state.
before i know it, i will be the only of my sisters left in Cali.
we went down to our regular hangout and walked down to the beach.
aunt val took ella up to the lifeguard tower.
the lighting was irresistible!
i had to practice my sun flare.

this last picture is one of my new favorites.....don't they look alike!?
ella looks a lot like val looked when she was small.
same hair.
same nose.
same shape face.
we sure are gonna miss her!
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  1. Wow, are they moving to Colorado, like they'd hoped?? How exciting for her, but sad for you. Just think of the sweet sister reunions you can have now!!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww! I love them!!!! Good job on the sun flare sis! Thats amaaaazing! I love the ella fitzgerald you put on hear by the way....such a great blog. Im gonna miss you guys more than you can imagine:( Yeah Tasha's right though! :) Sister reunions will be better than ever.