'round here....my room

and now...
here is my room.
well, i guess it's reedo's too ;)
i made the pillows.
i really really love the pillows.
i really really love the wreath.
i am really really not into the wall behind my bed though.
i wish heather from blessed little nest would come over and redo it with her amazing
re-purposing style.
she'd probably find, like some cool old tin sign with some random numbers and a giant fork, and some other amazing-ness that was free on the side of the road or something.
and i would smack my forehead and say, "why didn't i think of that!"
so simple, yet beautiful.
hahaha! i am cracking myself up tonight.
ok. ok. maybe not a fork, but, you know? something random yet rad.
the kids are eating corn dogs and watch B and the B....again.
classy huh?
i am just sitting in the kitchen laughing at my own post.

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i also really really like my little bath area.
those towels!
(to bad i couldn't fold that dumb tag up for the photo...leslie woulda thought of that for me if she'd been there.)
those towels are from walmart! they were like 10 bucks for 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels,and 2 wash clothes!
and the frame was 5 bucks at a thrift shop!

see, heather's thrifty creativity IS kinda rubbing off, huh?

i got that frame to use in some pictures that i took of my favorite red-head.

i still want to post some of those!

what do you think, les?

can i?

anyway, the towels, the frame, love them!
i heart cheapness.


  1. i heart cheapness, too. LOVe me some cheapness. : ) i love your bedroom and i am drooling over those adorable pillows. great job! i also really love your wreath, so cute and original!
    i love your bedroom chandelier and think it would look super cool spray painted the color of your bedspread. love your style!

  2. I love following the Reed Life. It brings a smile to my heart. You are a godly example of love, family and JOY! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life. Blessings Mary Ann

  3. yeah for thriftiness! woo hoo ;0
    you're pillows and your wreath are awesome! i really love that anna maria fabric! and i love amy's idea of painting your chandelier!! aqua (lovely!) or i think the mustardy yellow color would be so pretty too. i like the way that color pops against gray. have a happy night!!

  4. This is beautiful. I love all the cheery colors.

  5. Love the aqua color! and the pillows...I think I need to make a trip to wal mart for some new towels...that is an amazing deal. And I too LOVE LOVE LOVE Heather's style!

  6. I will totally go half-sies on Heather's plane ticket!!!!
    I think you need to make some sort of giant something for above your bed. I am in the same predicament, found numbers that I am desperate for, but they are way too expensive. It is time for wood and paint and mess and cheap. You are welcome to join in. With Heather too, obvs.

  7. I am lovin' your bedroom!! Gorgeous...

  8. I LOVE IT!! where did you get your bedding?