this little bird....

in just a few more days,
this little bird is flying away to go see my little angel.
i have stolen her necklaces and now must fly them back to her...right?
and while i am there have 3 days of kid-free exploration and sister time!
i am sooooooo excited!
i can't remember the last time my and Gracie girl's time together didn't revolve around my kids.
to be more exact, me watching while she entertains them as their favorite lady.
but, in a few days, she's all mine.

and the little bird will be happy to be back on her cute little body, i am sure.

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  1. How fun for you. Bring your raincoat, but it's so beautiful up here with all the fall leaves, and colors.

    Have a great time with your sis!!

  2. I love girl trips! Sometimes a little trip away from the kids is just what the doctor ordered!! I hope you have an awesome time with your sister!! :)

  3. that sounds so great! i would looooovvvvveeeee me some girl time just about now. have a wonderful time!