girl trip with my best girl.

ella and i love the to visit some of our favorite friends, the proutys, but they live a few hours away.
so we don't go as often as we'd like.
but a few weekends ago we went up for a sleepover!
so lucky, i know.
and on top of that joy was doing a little vintage sale....
so that wasn't too hard for me to participate in, either.
so, donuts, babies, swings, lemonade stands, snuggles, lots of vintage seekers, a bed all to myself, chickens, and lots of love...
here is our trip in pictures.



  1. Lucky girls. Glad you got away with Ella. Happy Mothers Day!

  2. how absolutely lovely!
    i was following her sale on IG and it looked dreamy! :)
    saw that sweet pic of you in the gorgeous yellow dress holding that precious bundle.
    pure beauty.

  3. dear friend. you are such a beautiful slice of heaven to me. in so many ways. the ways other people don't understand sometimes. thank you for lending me your hands, your eyes, your heart, your friendship. i could never repay you for all the blessings you have given to me. you encourage me. you lift me up. sometimes you just get down on the floor with me and let me weep there and sometimes alongside me (sometimes the tears are invisible but i know you see them). you show me what embracing the happy really looks like. you are patient. and kind. and always bringing the passion. thank you.

  4. I was actually fortunate enough to make it to her sale too! I actually live in phoenix but originally from the central coast. i was in town visiting family and stopped by. Her family is just the sweetest, and by reading through your blog i can tell you and your beautiful family are the same way :) can't wait to sit a while and read through some more!