just give up.

we have weak teeth in my family.
 my kids have them too.
those lucky little rascals....
so when we have to get fillings, we've started a bit of a comforting tradition to let the "victim" choose the jello flavor that i make for the after party.
i always say no to the idea of "rainbow" for obvious reasons.
too much work.
but this time i couldn't resist my middle child's sparkly baby blues as he asks for it.
i tried to follow a recipe...
i think it was this one?
but it wasn't working for me
and i am just one of those people that starts out an idea and then just ditches it if its getting to be a pain.
i just find an easier way.
and I'm not that picky about perfection.

i basically just made all the colors of jello and then, in its floppy jelly form layered it into jars in between layers of cool whip.
i am sure there are ways to make it all perfect and smooth on each layer.
but i am not really interested in that kind of waiting and work.

honestly, this did the trick.
don't over think it, people.
this is shauna reed saying,
"sometimes you need to just give up and do it the easy way"

oh gosh, don't faint.
you know its true.
look how much my kids loved the easy way....



  1. #1) teeth work stinks :(
    #2) I think Rainbow Jello could make anything better!!
    I have never seen this before and simply love it!!! You are such a good momma! Look at those smiley happy faces! The pictures were even better! You have such an adorable clan!! hehe The last picture is simply Priceless!!!

  2. The last photo is my favorite photo in the history of photos.

  3. Shauna, these are my favorite pictures ever. You are so talented!!

  4. these photos are to die for! :)

  5. we just spent the day at the dentist too. :/
    my kids have my hubby's poor teeth.
    but on to your photos!
    wowza girlie! they make me wanna jump in them and celebrate with you!
    i ADORE them and this idea!
    fun mama!

  6. gosh darn it these are the cutest pictures ever!!!

  7. TOTALLY agree about the perfectionist thing! i used to care waaaaay to much about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g being perfect. complete miracle that i've changed. too much unnecessary pressure! and i adore the rainbow jell-o. i pinned this the other day! .......but if the recipe requires a perfectionist, i'm going your way, shauna!

  8. How much more fun was that anyway! Oh that freckled boy is killing me! Happy weekend!

  9. oh how I LOVE your kids freckles, soooooooooooooo adorable!
    they make me SMILE~!
    and what a GREAT treat!

  10. you always have the BEST pictures. Seriously.

  11. I'm thinking about scheduling a dentist appointment for the sole reason of coming over after for jello:)