donuts and curls....

we made donuts with brownie mix.
do you have one of those 20 dollar donut makers from target?
we got one a few months ago and have been using it to make "donuts" out of pre made mixes.
we took joy's advise and made them from muffin mix(substituting out the oil for apple sauce).
and then for dessert we tried brownie mix and then rolling them in powdered sugar.
so good! 
and super fun!

also, have you ever tried rag rollers?
it worked really well on ella's SUPER straight fine hair.
it's just strips of fabric rolled up over your fingers and tied in a knot and left in all night.

look how cute it turned out!



  1. Oh my gosh.. The picture of your son holding the bowl of donuts and your daughters around him with their tongues out.. Priceless!

  2. Love the donut idea!
    And my mom used to do rag curls in my hair all th time.
    Love from,

  3. those donuts look divine,
    and! those curls..they are so precious!
    i'm melting over the pic of ella in the mirror with mama behind her.

  4. AHHH...you're killing me! I SAW that donut maker at Target and ALMOST got it. But I so talked myself out of it. And NOW...holey moley.
    lovin' those curls, too :)

  5. brownie donuts? you are a genius.

  6. thanks for your comment and encouragement about the no-heat curls! i have a plan. i will cut my hair. very soon. it's just so darn long. and then i'll try it again! those brownuts look amazing.

  7. I got that for Christmas and haven't opened the box. I'm super intimidated.

  8. My mom used to do those knot curls in mine and my sister's hair before picture day at school. That was the only time my hair held a curl super well when I was younger.