rainy day magic

Leslie and i have a reason to smile!

we've got sunshine on a cloudy day with these happy kids!

we were hoping the whole time for the sky to open up and pour so we could use those umbrellas, but instead we tromped through the sunshine yellow mustard and drank hot cider and ate cookies...
i guess that wasn't such a bad option either!



  1. Love these! You guys both have such lovely kiddos! I'm always inspired to want to do a purposeful "shoot" with my boys!! : )

    P.S. Where are your fabulous lace up wellies from, lady?! So cute!!

  2. You are so gifted. That photo of Leslie and her kids is amazing! I met her the other day in line at the Lego store.

  3. OMLordie...that pic of Les and the kids is amazing Shauna! You're such a gifted photographer...and friend. I love the bond between the two of you:) Treasure it!

  4. Wowza.... great pics. Beautiful setting. Happy children. Pretty mamas. Perfect combo!

  5. Already dying for spring...a foot of snow in my yardy. you r fueling the fire with these shots. so cute!