i am outa here!

i am going somewhere special this weekend.
with one of my favorite ladies.

i am leaving these behind this time.

i am going to get a little of this....

this is quite.
peace and quite.

and i will be able to snuggle with her...

and look at these....

well, maybe, if we're lucky they'll look like this....

i am just so happy to be getting out of town for a much needed breather!
just add one more pair of boots to this picture and that's what i'm dreaming of...



  1. Yay for away time with the girls! I wish I could get some of that right about noww. Enjoy it for me,mkay?:)

  2. enjoy each and every moment (for all of us).

  3. ahhhhhh yes. i love that any time i visit your blog i am always filled up with what i need. always somehow surprising (especially when i see my 8 months pregnant face self in your photo up there). much needed. as much as i am nervous about leaving my babies for the first time and pumping my boobs in all those random great places in bend i know it is NEEDED. thank you for getting me excited about this goodness. i love you.