calico critters

this is a little crazy.
posting photos of small furry toy critters.
but i had such a fun day with ella at the antique mall.
we went hunting for furniture for her new calico critter house.
way better than the stuff they sell at the toy store.
plus i get to have fun doing one of my favorite things with my girl!
so perfect!
i am already dreaming of the flea market hunts we can go on!
today we found a red couch and an aqua chair that was hand painted with pink flowers.
and we were both in heaven.
her setting it all up.
me with my camera.



  1. What perfect finds! I love them! And the pictures are really great. Again! :)

  2. weird? nope, completely normal to me ; ) i just took a bunch of picture's of one of charlotte's elaborate displays the other day. yep, perfectly normal.
    you got some great shots here and yes, wayyy better than the toy store--and much more fun shopping for them.

  3. We have also entered the world of calico critters. I think I may actually be more into them that Leighton right now. And boy did I want that house you got for Ella. We got her the starter cottage for now. And I love your new furniture additions...adorable!