a not-so-brilliant post on january 4th

ok, so you know how when you need to return a call or an email and you keep putting it off because you are busy and then it turns into putting it off because you have put it off for so long that the conversation seems like it has to be giant and long and the longer you wait the harder it gets to make the call?
do you know?
or am i the only one that does that.
ok nevermind.
but wait, yes, that is how it feels sometimes when i've ditched blogging for a while.
like the next post just has to be brilliant.
so i am just going to break the ice and post some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.
they aren't brilliant.
but they are mine.
and i hope this will inspire me to get the ball rolling...

included below is:
night vision
a birthday cake for baby jesus (ella calls him baby geez)
pin the nose on the reindeer with aunt jen
calico critters mansion
our most exciting christmas gift reveal
a vintage porch swing for the mansion
my cute husband peeling potatoes (hot)
ella and i playing toss with the kitty purse
my postal pics order (love it!)
snuggle time
mustache straws
first day of 2012 spent at the beach!
the king and queen of 2012
mommies' night out
my first born and i celebrating the new year at midnight
me and baby clementine making friends
my ella's new camera
lego love
tiny ballerina legs
more ballerina
can't get enough of my baby ballerina

so, i'm back!



  1. What an awesome Christmas surprise. How long was she wrapped up? :)

    Your readers love you and we'll take whatever we can get- deep posts, light posts, picture posts, whatever. We'll take it!

  2. i know exactly what you mean. just don't ever stay away so long that you are ducking from us in target and avoiding eye contact at all costs... oh wait--that's me ; ) love these, looks like a fabulous holiday break filled with lots o' fun. did the kids freak out over your sister surprising them? bet that was awesome. happy new year, shauna!

  3. My boys got those night vision goggles for Christmas too. They're pretty stoked about them! We used them to play a game on New Year's Eve and it was really funny for us to watch them try to navigate with them.
    Love the Christmas surprise :)
    And I'm glad your back! You've been missed in blogland!

  4. Ok your sister in the box? Brings back the memories. Thats how Eric proposed to me. He set up this huge scavenger hunt for me with poetic clues all along the way; the last one led me to this huge present which I kicked while reading the clue to see how heavy it was(I figured he was watching me from somewhere but I was dying to know what was inside). When I lifted the box, there he was in a suit with my ring, asking me to marry him. I almost passed out I was so shocked!

  5. those were all such fun pictures!!!
    missed you on your break. :)