say cheese! (justkiddingineversaythat)

here is some information that i have been getting questions about.

this is my lens.

a 50mm 1.4...

this is my camera.
Source: buydig.com via Shauna on Pinterest

this is what i am learning to edit on.

Source: apple.com via Shauna on Pinterest

what i edit on until i learn aperture or get a fancier editor.
it's free.

Source: box.com via Shauna on Pinterest

this is the lens i dream of getting next.

a 35mm 1.4...

Source: google.com via Shauna on Pinterest

there is so much out there that i could want.
i am trying to learn as much as i can on what i have.
i am trying not to always need the next thing.
but i still really want that lens...
and maybe even a new camera someday....
we'll see.


  1. Thankyou for sharing! And please put me at the top of your list if you ever do paid shoots for peeps, I just adore you!

  2. I got a new lens for Christmas. The 50mm 1.8. It's been fun but it makes me want even bigger, more expensive lenses now!
    I think you're doing great! I always love your pictures!

  3. the 50mm 1.4 will change your life.
    the 28mm 1.4 will surely change your life as well.
    the 135mm 1.4 will then also change your life.
    LOL. photography is the most expensive hobby ever. so start getting paid for it.

  4. Love reading your blog. Have you ever heard of the gimp? It is a free photoshop equivalent photo editor. It is all I use and I love it.