a boy and his doggie

here is a shoot that i did just me and my little ty.
i have been trying to practice as much as i can on pretty days when i don't have to have all of my kids...
that is the first thing i learned this day.
it is a bazzilion times easier to have fun and be relaxed when i only have one child to deal with.
i guess i already knew that.
but this proved it again.
i also learned to NEVER forget to wear real closed shoes ( no peep-toe flats)
and to try and remember to make my kids do the same.
on the other hand i kinda loved that ty was wearing two different color flips.
which he does everyday.
and that is so him.
i worked for a long time on getting his freckles in that one down there.
practice makes perfectly imperfect?
i am also getting more familiar with how to angle the sun with my new-ish lens.
it is actually a year old, but it has taken this long to feel like friends.
i also re-learned how great it is to have space with that lens.
i have to move my body way back to get as wide a photo as i want and i just can't do that everywhere.
location and space really matters with this camera/lens combo for me for now.

i seriously love this little fella.
he is the sweetest person.
he loved pretending to do a photo shoot of his own with his little doggie.
he is just so accommodating.
(it's harder to say that about the other two)
so we had fun and i learned a little more....



  1. AND you got some PRICELESS images in the process!
    just beautiful Shauna!
    he's so adorable, and those FRECKLES love LOVE!
    these are just precious!

    1. his freckles really are the best.
      he melts me.
      i want take his picture everyday.
      thanks friend.
      ps. i hope this new reply feature will help me be better at replying!

  2. you have the cutest kidlets!! i love the way all your pictures turn out!!

  3. You take the most amazing photos. I learn a lot from you and can't wait to see your next post each time. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Greetings from NZ. Cx

  4. He is such a cutie! And Ive never noticed how much he and Ella look alike. Those freckles are somethin else:)

    1. yes. ella and ty look a little like twins at times.
      especially because she is tall and he is....gotta say it...tiny ty.

  5. Oh wow. Those pics are great, doesn't hurt that you have a great subject. The props and photography are perfect. Talent.

  6. Do you mind my asking what lens you're using? I adore your photography style and, of course, your darling subjects certainly don't hurt one bit either!

    He looks so darn sweet I can't stand it!

  7. you blow my socks off! seriously these images are amazing,so precious.It is a true talent to take pics of children and truly portray who they are,i feel like im looking through your eyes at the beauty of your precious boy,that is a gift sweet shauna.I would pay a stupid amount of money for pictures this priceless,i hope one day you open to the public and i would book you in a heartbeat,may i ask one question? do you make your own look through photoshop or do you run actions?

  8. Sweet sweet pics of your middle baby!
    He is a doll!
    I need to ask what lens you're using too.
    Do you mind sharing?
    Also, what do you use to edit your photos?

  9. great photos, shauna. (as usual!) : ) just curious (not critiquing at all), but do you edit your photos? if so, care to share with what program?

  10. These photos are so cute! I love the lighting!

  11. he is so beautiful. don't tell him i said that. great job capturing him in all his greatness. his unique personality shines in these pics.