all boy

here is the one and only lesson i learned about taking photos today.
know your subject.
i can't trick this guy.
he isn't a baby.
i have to commission him.
see if he needs work.
see how much he charges.
he apparently charges one green tootsie pop, today.
for one green tootsie pop i get some cute smiles, his hands on the typewriter (dirty fingernails and legs give it character),  relatively good cooperation and a strong back to move furniture around so the sunlight can be to my liking.
that, i think, is called respect.
i'm respecting him and his time.
he knows what i expect and respects my requests.
it feels a bit business-like and i think we both enjoyed that today.

and because of the good feelings, he had his own idea.
although i might not have decided to do this, since i've seen it a lot before, he really wanted to try the shadow of hands doing a heart thing....
how sweet is that?
i'm not sure if he saw it on pinterest, over my shoulder, or if it came to him as an idea with the shadows from the lighting, but i just went with it.
he was so proud of that.
and he could tell i was pleased.
it was an over all good transaction with some sweetness thrown in.
by oldest son.
all boy.



  1. so completely beautiful. love all these handsome photos!

  2. wonderful idea
    tell him i love the idea with the heart :)



  3. Stunning photos! I love how you've worked with the sun to create a glow in the photos. Loving your work! :) Brigitte x

  4. I like the last one with his lazy smile. :) They're all great! All of these practice shoots you're doing are going to give you the best album of photos of your kids!

  5. precious.
    he is such a handsome young man.
    love all of the photos!

  6. he looks so much like you in the last one, i love that little smirk, it kills me. and the freckles? love little boys, and girls...and adults with freckles.

  7. My favorite is the last one! His expression is so great. I always love your pics!

  8. oh goodness, he's so sweet and so photogenic, what a beautiful kid!

  9. Wow... Amazingly beautiful photos. You have a great vintage style about your photos that i adore. Love love love those freckles.

  10. these are my favorite!! all of them!! that old typewriter, little boy hands, and freckles=perfect. And i LOVE LOVE LOVE how you captured it!

  11. He is one of my favorite people. The 5th photo looks like a Norman Rockwell painting!

  12. My oh my. Melting. The heart is brilliant...Abbie can't see these, it will put her crush over the top.